Design Process


Project Management

For project management we use a dedicated Wayman software  which includes human resource management support and real-time scheduling on each project stage. This way we can easily plan our service capacity in advance and our clients receive our documantation on time...

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Structural analysis

We base our projects on current Eurocodes. We use authorized DLUBAL RFEM software to calculate steel and RC structures. It supports detailed and complex analysis, accounting 3D and non-linear effects as well as modal analysis...

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Steel structures

We  design steel constructions in 3D using the licensed Tekla Structures software. We create models with full accuracy taking into account all details. The software checks for collision errors and optimizes the assembly process...

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Reinforced Concrete

We commence design with making a 3D model in Tekla Structures BIM Software. Unlike traditional designing we model every rebar in 3D with realistic diameter, spacing, cover and bending radius. We model the whole building down to the last stirrup...

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Due to close cooperation with installation designers we provide all kinds of sanitary and electrical projects. We also provide electrical analysis which concern both newly designed and various types of other buildings. Owing to gained experience..

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With help of our thrusted parners we perform geological and laboratory research and in-situ tests. We examine ground base, strength of walls and concrete, exploitation costs of steel, the thickness of layers, the level of wood corrosion...

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